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Timetable data


The official target timetable data collection of the Swiss Union of Public Transport manages target public transport timetable data updated daily for Switzerland and therefore all licensed transport companies. This ensures that the target timetable data meets the data quality standards required. The target timetable data collection is regularly published publicly. The receipt and further use of target timetables from the public collection is not subject to restrictions and cannot be charged for.


The timetable data collection is carried out with the timetable integration system INFO+. The information it contains provides the database for online timetable systems and is the source for official timetable publication.


The preparation of the timetable fields and departure boards is carried out with the timetable publication system QuoVadis.

Contact INFO+

Fachstelle INFO+
Systemaufgaben Kundeninformation
Hilfikerstrasse 3
3000 Bern 65, Schweiz

Stephan Bundi
Technical user support 

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