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Roadmap SKI


This document aims to improve the planning certainty for the Swiss Union of Public Transport with regard to the exchange of basic, timetable, real-time and fault data (general term: timetable and customer information data).

The timetable obligation (art. 13, Passenger Transport Act) has resulted in all timetable data being collected centrally, consolidated and made available (openly) by the licensed transport companies on a Switzerland-wide basis. This will be achieved on behalf of the Federal Office of Transport (FOT) by the Customer Information System Tasks (CIST).

Like all systems, the customer information data system is also undergoing constant change. However, what is special about it is that the data is provided de-centrally by the transport companies in various IT systems, then collected and compiled centrally by CIST – either directly or indirectly – in order for it to finally be used openly again de-centrally. If a change is made to this overall system, a large number of stakeholders are affected.

Each of these stakeholders is responsible for changes in their own system. In order to secure and plan investment and resources in good time, adequate preparation time is required, particularly where public companies subject to a budgeting process are concerned. This roadmap serves as a basis.

SKI-Roadmap (as at: December 2019)

The structure of the roadmap was approved by the Management Board SKI.

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SKI RoadmapSKI Roadmap (version 0.92)

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