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Welcome to the office System tasks Customer information Switzerland (SKI)!

Our services are responsible for collecting, consolidating and publishing reliable and high quality customer information data throughout Switzerland so that public transport passengers are informed in real time.

For data providers

SKI business unit

Coordina le attività e assegna gli incarichi per lo sviluppo nel settore delle attività di sistema per l’informazione alla clientela.

Business Consulting

The objective is the continuous improvement of the data quality of all Customer Information System Tasks data.

Roadmap SKI

This document aims to improve the planning certainty for the Swiss Union of Public Transport with regard to the data exchange.

For data users

DiDok Plattform is the platform used for the documentation of Swiss public transport services (DiDok).

OpenData Swiss PT Plattform is the platform for customer information data on public transport in Switzerland.

Timetable information

Independent timetable information for the current and future public transport timetable in Switzerland.

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